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6 ‘must ask’ questions when buying a mid-tier ERP solution

The following articles is important for people considering looking ERP vendors. Too often people follow the salesperson blindly and do not ask the right questions. Here are 6 questions that should be part of the buying plan. 6 ‘must ask’ questions when buying a mid-tier ERP solution

Is the Six Sigma Fad Dead?

According to the Avery Group, “Business fads have their own limited lifespan, so it is natural to ask: Is Six Sigma dead, or at least waning in popularity? While there is no standard definition of what constitutes a business fad, a fad is often characterized as being an initiative that is adopted widely by companies […]

Open Source ERP?

Chris Shaul There are many vendors around today providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software . These systems control the entire lifeblood of the business enterprise. From manufacturing to financials, from customer service to plant maintenance, these systems run the company. The information flow is critical to a company. Further the information flow must match the […]


Welcome to the new site. This site will be dedicated to sharing information on the exciting world of Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Lifecycle Mangement, and Customer Relationship Management systems. It will also discuss how to improve processes and provide a place for informative tips on how to select and implement software systems. This site […]

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