Seven Habits of Highly Efficient Supply & Demand Chains

From QAD’s website: An enlightening article about how to build an effective supply chain and possibly more important, those things that you should not do.

Seven Habits of Highly Efficient Supply & Demand Chains

Supply And Demand Chain Executive, May 2005

By Andrew K. Reese

To go the distance in business you need to take a disciplined approach. Here are some key best practices for making your supply chain hum.

[From Supply & Demand Chain Executive, April/May 2005] Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People first appeared on bookstands in 1990 and went on to sell millions of copies, offering a formula for personal and professional success based on a “paradigm shift” in how people perceive the world and themselves, a focus on character and principle, and the practice of the oft-repeated seven habits.

Seeking to apply the “7 Habits” approach to the supply chain, Supply & Demand Chain Executive asked Jim Tompkins, CEO and founder of Tompkins Associates, a Raleigh, N.C.-based consultancy and systems integrator, to reflect on his 30 years of experience helping companies achieve supply chain excellence and to identify those best practices, or “habits,” that are key to ensuring success in modern supply and demand chains. Our conversation with Tompkins began with the first best practice on his list:

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