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Exact JobBoss

Exact JobBOSS is a very popular quoting, planning, and manufacturing execution systems available today. It is usually implemented by small to medium sized job shop companies using Quickbooks or Excel, who are looking to improve operations, increase visibility, and grow revenue.

JobBOSS is available in three different solution packs (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise). Because of this, many smaller companies will adopt it with the peace of mind that they can grow with the system in time. Additional feature-packed modules will include advanced functionality for serial number management, CRM, workflow automation, and quality control. Exact JobBOSS is fairly unique in that it can be deployed in-house or via the Web.

JobBoss provides complete functionality for sales quoting, order and job creation, job scheduling (both infinite and finite capacity), material requirements planning (MRP), and manufacturing execution (MES) / shop floor control. A key selling point for many Exact JobBoss users is the fact that it can integrate seamlessly with Quickbooks. It can also be sold with its own proprietary accounting system. Many companies can purchase the solution for as little as a few thousand dollars. This makes Exact JobBoss a very popular option for firms trying to avoid a large ERP solution investement.

Exact was founded by young entrepreneurs out of a garage in 1984 . Since then, Exact JobBoss has retained its commitment to providing software for Small and Medium Sized Businesses and has become a key player in ERP software. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands. They also have offices worldwide.

Because of its popularity, it is often recommend to small firms looking for an affordable job shop solution as well as to larger companies in need of a more thorough ERP solution.

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Exact JobBOSS is the most widely-used job shop software designed specifically for job shops as well as custom, high-tech manufacturing shops. Find out more about this unique and amazing software.

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Exact JobBoss

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