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Epicor Manufacturing Review
Epicor Manufacturing
Epicor Manufacturing is a completely integrated ERP system with rich application functionality for accounting, inventory control, pre-production materials planning, and manufacturing execution. The software is delivered via Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), meaning that prospective companies can acquire only the modules that are needed, without being forced to purchase other modules as part of the solution. Epicor Manufacturing has strong market share because of this SOA design and the its overall functional capabilities.

Epicor Manufacturing supports most discrete manufacturers who have more than $1 million in annual sales revenue. Prospective companies looking for an especially robust solution may choose Epicor’s additional modules for supply chain management, product lifecycle management (PLM), business performance management (BPM), customer relationship management (CRM), and quality performance management (QPM).
Epicor Manufacturing is implemented as an on-premise system with a single database, providing a centralized location for all enterprise company data. Epicor usually is not pruchased by process manufacturers who are looking to implement software to manage recipes, formulas, or batches. Epicor’s key focus remains on discrete firms.
Epicor is often recommended to manufacturing firms due to the software’s mainstream popularity, its functionality, and its breadth as a complete solution.

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Epicor Manufacturing User Feedback

Randy from Companion Systems said:
We’re a small manufacturing company that does mostly custom jobs for our clients. In 2005 we had been on our old system for almost 10 years. It was very out-of-date and pieced together of separate programs with little to no integration between them, necessitating multiple entries in multiple systems for the same order, using other tools like Excel & email to keep track of orders from module-to-module. In short, a very inefficient and human-error prone system.
Peter from Symetrics Industries said:
We began using Epicor Manufacturing – Vantage 8 product in April 2006 and have continued to upgrade; we’re now using Epicor 9.05. Symetrics Industries is an electronics manufacturer serving the Aerospace and Defense industry. The majority of what we do is for a government contracts, involving serialized assemblies and very large multi-level BOMs.
We bought Epicor because the company offered the best flexibility, features and price of any of the systems we examined. Over the last five years, Epicor has continued to add new capabilities that allow the us to use the software in ways that best fit our needs (such as Business Process Management and Service Connect, both of which allow us to affect the way Epicor works and/or add custom functionality) and to make the software more accessible (such as smartphone access).

Getting More Information

If you would like more information on the Epicor ERP Software, please visit Software Advice to learn more and to arrange a no-obligation demo or get a price quote.

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Epicor ManufacturingEpicor Manufacturing
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