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Producers who require production and assembly capabilities benefit from the adoption of NetSuite Manufacturing Edition. The system is integrated with inventory, warehouse management, accounting and financial management, order management, customer relationship management (CRM), and ecommerce. Partner relationship management (PRM) also permits users to better handle their stay-in-touch with network partners.

NetSuite Manufacturing is a cloud-based system delivered over the web as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

NetSuite Manufacturing may be used by a manufacturing businesses to manage its production orders, manage base inventory level restocking, and ensure good results and high quality management of unique orders. In addition, the system supports inventory for multiple stocking locations, assembly management needs, bills of materials, functional order management, diverse methods of measurement, bar coding procedures, along with other necessary business processes in the manufacturing business. It could also integrate shipping processes with mainstream carriers, such as FedEx.

NetSuite Manufacturing Edition can help track down leads and turn them into finalized orders, while also tracking the association among production and revenue for the manufacturing business. The accompanying company dashboard is customizable, and leverages established best-practices in providing an accessible tool for monitoring real-time business operations. This dashboard may also be tailored to match particular roles, keeping a obviously organized business community. This is a main staple of NetSuite’s differentiating its business functionality.

Customization capabilities are integrated in the system as well, and are simplified to allow users to more effortlessly improve the software to much better match their particular requirements. As with other SaaS packages, the software can be accessed on-line, with much less up-front cost and a substantially much less complicated implementation procedure.

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Carl from SimplyRFiD said:
– It’s always working. Being a SaaS or ‘cloud’ application, we don’t maintain servers. We don’t do backups. We don’t worry about upgrades, viruses, or the IT guy being at lunch when the server locks up. In 4 years, we’ve only seen Netsuite go down during business hours for about 3 hours. This happened in 2007 and hasn’t happened since. I know a lot of companies running in-house servers that crash monthly.

– Integrated shipping. No more typos on shipping labels. I know, you could export/import files. But the integration works well, maintains tracking numbers, emails customers their tracking number. For a while Netsuite didn’t support multi-carrier shipments. It does now.

– Integrated support for customers and orders. All of our email comes into Netsuite. Our ‘[email protected]’ email address enters Netsuite, finds the customer (based on their email address) and associates their emails to their account. This ensures we handle all the requests quickly and in a single location.

– Continuous improvement!

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