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Process Manufacturing ERP is designed for a niche group of manufacturers. Process Manufacturing is a batch-oriented method of manufacturing liquids, chemicals, foods, or other formula/recipe based products. As such, traditional MRP software does not work due to the unique requirements such as yield factors, re-blending, and container management.

There are only a few vendors who specialize in formula-based, batch processed manufacturing. These vendors recognize the need for software that works with recipes, not bills-of-materials. Additionally, they recognize that a formula may result in a different yield and the variance is accounted for. Lastly, being able to fill to a container and track the bill-of-material for the discrete containers, labels, lids, etc. are all important in process manufacturing.

Process Manufacturing ERP Guide

The following is our list of the leading process manufacturing erp solutions available today.

Learn more about process manufacturing solutions here.


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