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Updated for 2016!
Cloud ERP Solutions – What is this technology that everyone is talking about. Everyone is buzzing about Cloud computing. From Windows Live to Google Apps, to the market leader in Cloud Enterprise Applications, there has been a resounding acceptance of Cloud Computing products in the corporate environment.Cloud ERP Solutions

Cloud Computing is essentially have a structured hosting solution that provides access to the software via a web-browser. The client does not need to install any software on their computer. About ten years ago, something similar was tried in the form of an ASP model. This was essentially off-site hosting. Cloud Computing is different in that the application is not only hosted remotely, but the virtualization of the computing power has expanded the capacity to deliver multi-tenant applications. Think of an apartment building. Everyone pays a little bit to live in the building, but the single building is maintained by the sum of the lease agreements income. The same is true of a cloud computing model, where the software code base, database, processing power are all shared among many tenants.

With ERP software, there is usually an application server and a database server sitting in a data-center, onsite at a client’s location. These servers require a team of IT experts to maintain, service, and upgrade. They require experts in that database solution (often Oracle), hardware experts, operating system specialists, and application specialists. With Cloud ERP, this is no longer needed, because these experts are outsourced to the Cloud Provider.

Because these experts are dedicated full time to a high-availability solution, they are usually better trained and more proficient with their expertise area than one you would employee within your own business. This results in better utilization of money spent for the solution. Further it increases the security of the data, because there are dedicated resources to ensure that the many tenants data is strongly protected.

With the down economy, many businesses are looking to save money on their IT spending, Cloud ERP solutions make sense. They are licensed in a monthly fee per seat, so there is large capital expenditure. The implementations are relatively cost effective, since they are quick to launch. And lastly, they do not require the IT infrastructure of traditional ERP systems.

To help our readers with evaluating potential Cloud ERP Solutions, we have put together the following list of Cloud ERP providers.

Top 10 Cloud ERP Solutions

The Top 10 Cloud ERP solution providers are (in no particular order):

and the Last Cloud ERP Solution is

Updated 6/2013
Okay, you caught us, there are already 10. Why one more? Essentially, there are ten cloud ERP solutions sold as a complete cloud ERP solution. These are the providers we’ve listed above.

But there is a tenth. It is a combination of CRM, one of the founders of the cloud computing movement, and one of their App-Exchange Partners, Financial Force. Together they provide a good cloud ERP solution that can be expanded using the platform. This combination of platform and application works well in a service based company.

Further, there is one additional on the platform; Kenandy. Kenandy is native and provides essential ERP modules that most distributors and manufacturers can use.

That rounds out our Cloud ERP solution listing. Please let us know if you have experience with any other cloud based ERP solutions by commenting below.


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  1. dynamics ax seems to be working well in a cloud. We mainly use cloud computing in our enterprise and ax dynamics ERP has been recently implemented in our company.It’s been a smooth process and a lot shorter when compared to the implementation of other popular ERP software. We can now see it was a good choice.

    Posted by John Reedson | July 16, 2016, 2:31 pm

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