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Top 10 Cloud Accounting Systems

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Cloud Accounting is becoming a hot topic right now. We recently posted a list of the Top 10 cloud ERP solutions. We immediately received a copy of tweets on this solution or that solution was ommitted from our list. To rectify that issue, we are posting the Top 10 Cloud Accounting Systems here.

These solutions are among the most referred systems as documented by’s list of Cloud Accounting systems.

What to look for in Cloud Accounting Systems

What should you look for when evaluating Cloud Accounting solutions? Well, you need to ensure that it is a true cloud application, not just the vendor hosting a server for you. It should be scalable and the key benefits of cloud computing is that you can add users and remove users on demand.

Tcloud accountingrue cloud computing systems are multi-tenant, meaning that like an apartment building, there are shared resources, yet everyone has their own space. This is very economical and makes a lot of sense from several standpoints, including security, maintenance, expand-ability, and keeping costs low. Players such as and have revolutionized the cloud computing space with on-demand expandability.

o what you look for? Essentially, you want to review the providers service level agreements. Look especially at their data center security and their data accessibility. This means not only who can see your data, but also, how well is your data protected so that only your employees can have access to the data. Further, it needs to be easily downloaded. If you should decide to change directions, you do not want your data held captive.

Getting more information on Cloud Accounting Systems

If you would like more information on these or other Cloud Accounting solutions, you can research more solutions at’s Cloud Accounting Search Tool or through browsing their listed solution. Be sure to look at our Accounting Software Buyers Guide, as it also has on-premise solutions that might be a better fit for your company.


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