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ERP Jobs are highly valued. These jobs are often higher paying and have tremendous growth potential. Not only that, but there are so many aspects of ERP Jobs that one can look at. For example, recently a friend was working as a desktop support agent and recently accepted an ERP Job working with SAP security. It was a great career move facilitated by a great opportunity that to which he was able to take advantage.

We are very excited to announce the release of the ERP Jobs board. This new addition to the our site, brings a key component that we have been wanting to provide for many years. Now, we are able to bring together those great opportunities in the ERP industry who are looking for a job change, as well as those who are providing these opportunities.

People are finding ERP jobs in the following most popular categories:

We posted previously on ERP jobs-What am I worth? and it has become a popular post as a reference for what type of salaries you might expect. To summarize though, it really depends on the specialty and the geography that you are looking in, but you can be assured that ERP careers are some of the highest paying jobs in the IT field.

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Current Top 10 ERP Jobs available

On the Sidebar to the left of this article is a listing of the Top 10 ERP jobs available currently. This listing will change hour-to-hour, so check back for the most recent listings. Or, simply bookmark our Job Board at

Employers: Post your ERP Jobs Listing

ERP Jobs are often difficult to fill. Let us help you with that. We are an ERP focused site that has thousands of visitors each month. We actively promote and feature ERP Jobs you list here. We are half the price or more of the major job search engines.

To get started, Post your ERP Job listing now! We know you will find this to be a valuable partnership.

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