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ERPandmore.com helps companies select and implement the best ERP software for their needs! It is our goal that anyone searching for, and implementing ERP Software, should not have to pay a ton of money to get the right software, correctly implemented the first time. We want to share our experience to save you money and time.

We are an independent blog and resource site dedicated to assisting managers with the difficult tasks of Enterprise Resource Planning Software evaluations and selections, implementations, and management. We are vendor neutral and we don’t provide direct consulting services, rather we provide useful information to help you make informed choices.

Inside you will find a detailed vendor directory, ERP bookstore, free downloads to assist you in evaluating ERP software.
Additionally, we offer inexpensive online ERP training classes on the best of ERP topics, including SAP, Oracle, Hyperion, Peoplesoft and more!

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Chris Shaul

Written by Chris Shaul and other management consultants experienced in assisting companies in selecting and implementing software, ERPandmore.com is your reference site for best practices, industry news, and other topics to help educate you on the many aspects of enterprise software.

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