Manufacturing ERP Software Feature Checklist
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One of the most important steps in evaluating vendors is to use a predefined set of criteria to objectively measure which software vendors may be the right fit for your business. This free spreadsheet allows you to:

  • Understand the key features you should consider when evaluating the software vendors head-to-head
  • Create a checklist of critical features to help you weight the most important functions and determine which vendor is not providing them
  • Compare five systems side-by-side to see where their strengths and weaknesses lay

Built in a familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, this is the critical tool you need to stay organized while evaluating systems…
– even if you’ve never been through a selection before –
just by completing the spreadsheet once you download it on the next page.

Simply enter your details in the form that will appear when you click “Download Now” and you’ll be able to instantly download this guide: the Manufacturing ERP Software Feature Checklist

Download the FREE Manufacturing ERP Software Feature Checklist

Manufacturing ERP Software Feature Checklist

Use this detailed side-by-side comparison matrix to evaluate manufacturing ERP systems across 80 of the top features and functions.
( Excel Spreadsheet)

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Manufacturing ERP Software Feature Checklis

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