Will Your ERP Software Run Your Business for the Next 10 Years?
ERP Software Help

Will Your ERP Software Run Your Business for the Next 10 Years?

If not, your company needs:

  • An ERP solution that fits your business, and will benefit you for years to come
  • A business software that uniquely fits your industry or niche market
  • A software that when implemented will reduce your costs and manual processes
  • A successful implementation that began with a properly executed selection

We have put together a collection of Tools, Buyers Guides and other information to assist you in Selecting and Implementing your next ERP solution. You can even arrange ERP Software Demonstrations. Choose from any of the following:

Tools and Information:

ERP InformationClick to Read More
ERP Software ToolkitsDownload our ERP Software Toolkits
Download any of our ERP Software Tookits and Whitepapers. These downloads have key information you should know when evaluating new Enterprise Software.
ERPandMore.com BlogRead the Blog

Read our ERP Software blog. You will find informative information on ERP Selections, Implementations, Project Management, and more!
ERP Vendor DirectoryReview ERP Vendor Listings

Find our ERP Vendors Directory, with hundreds of listings of all sorts of Enterprise Software, from ERP to CRM to SCM and more!
ERP Buyers GuidesUse ERP Software Buyers Guides

Browse our ERP Software Buyers Guides, where you can learn more about particular software in your niche. You can request information and pricing, as well as schedule a no-obligation demonstration of the software.

Selecting and implementing ERP software is not an easy undertaking. It is important that you perform your due diligence to ensure that you are making the best choice for your company. We have put together a collection of ERP selection tools and various articles to assist you in your selection. Additionally, you will find a lot of background information on ERP and tips on implementations, project management, and maintaining your ERP over time.

Whether you are a small job shop manufacturer, or a fortune 500 financial firm, you will find information you need to make an intelligent decision.

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ERP Software Buyers Guides:

IndustryBuyers Guide

Accounting ERP Software

Accounting ERP Software on the surface seems straightforward. You need your General Ledger, your Accounts Payable and Receivables, Inventory and perhaps Fixed Assets modules. But not all Accounting ERP Software is the same. ... Read More...

Distribution ERP Software

Distribution ERP Software can vary greatly depending upon the type of functionality you are looking for. There are all sorts of distribution software available from SCM or 3PL, to standard Distribution Accounting. If you are looking for a complete Distribution ERP Software solution to run your operations... Read More...

Manufacturing ERP Software

This buyers guide focuses in on the discrete manufacturer. This is a company which is using or would like to use MRPII in their manufacturing process. This type of manufacturer makes discrete products. This covers most general manufacturing. ...Read More...

Job Shops

Job Shops have a unique manufacturing model. They need to perform like fast turn manufacturers, but each job is unique and typically built to a customers specifications. As such, finding the right ERP solution that accomidates a job or batch process. ... Read more....

Apparel, Garment and Textile

Apparel ERP solutions are often in a class by themselves. They require unique functionality to accommodate the various colors, styles, sizes, dimensional measures and other features and options variability ... Read more....

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing is a batch oriented method of manufacturing liquids, chemicals, foods, or other formula/recipe based products. As such, traditional MRP software does not work due to the unique requirements such as yield factors, re-blending, and container management. ...Read More...

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors have a manufacturing process that is unlike any other. Managing the photolithographic and chemical processing steps in your fab require specialized software. Wrapping that with a financial system creates a set of requirements that are very specific to the industry. ...Read More...

Aerospace Manufacturing

The Aerospace Industries is a complex supply chain with unique requirements. Often under OEM constraints, the typical aerospace manufacturer has to deliver on time and cost in a competitive environment. ...Read More....

Apparel Manufacturing

Apparel Manufacturing ERP customers are in a unique industry. Not many ERP solutions fit their needs. With key processes such as sampling, raw material procurement, fabric washing and treatments, pre-production and production cycles, and finishing and shipping. Managing inventory by dimensional measures is another uniqueness to the industry. Being able to track yields and waste are also important factors in managing an apparel manufacturing business. ...Read More....

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