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7 Tips for ERP Software Selection

As outlined in our global research of 1300 global ERP implementations, enterprise software initiatives often take longer and cost more than expected, while failing to deliver expected business benefits. A common root cause of these challenges is force-fitting an ERP solution that is not a good fit for your organization. This presentation summarizes seven tips […]

Are Most Enterprise Technology Selection Exercises Flawed?

The following discusses the ways often used in selecting systems. Actually, one area not expanded upon is the combination of an RFI/RFP combined with a Scripted Demonstration process.  Using the RFI to narrow the field and the Scripted business process to show the stakeholders how the system will function for them. Sam Lowe’s blog […]

Best Practices in ERP Software Selection

This is a great post that gets right to the point about ERP Selections: Best Practices in ERP Software Selection Posted 8/2/2006 by Eric Kimberling (ERP Consultant) ERP vendor selection can be a daunting task, and one that is often not given the appropriate attention. CIOs or other executives in charge of making such major […]

Implementing ERP Systems begins with the Selection

Chris Shaul There are two major parts to implementing an ERP system, the selection and the implementation. The selection of the correct software is key to implementation. Selecting the wrong software can kill an implementation or at least make the project very expensive and overrun the budget. Be careful when selecting a new system. There […]

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