Your Cloud Database Solution

Your Cloud Database Solution

This week is Dreamforce.‘s hugh event in San Francisco with more than 20,000 attendees. The big announcement this year is, a cloud database solution that is promising to be the end all data storage solution in the cloud for companies both large and database solution:

This concept of a cloud database is not that original, but what is original is the fact that you can design your own schema and then attach any platform to it through open APIs. Further, they are giving you user management and communication tools within the same license. So this could be the launching point for any number of applications from simple desktop applications to mobile applications all running on a managed cloud database using has grown from nothing to a Billion+ dollar company in ten short years. Moving from their mainstay product, CRM to a platform solution in has opened a broad area of cloud computing offerings. Now with as their cloud database solution, they are further reiterating that you do not need infrastructure or computing power. It can all be leased, and for less money than if you invested in-house for the same capabilities.

More about’s cloud database offering’s partner’s CEO Don Fornes sat down at Dreamforce to discuss this new cloud database solution. We were fortunate enough to get an early look at this video and would like to share it with you.

The official cloud database video

As you can see from the video, they are very bullish about the direction of cloud database technology and all the benefits it brings. For a more “official” version of what is, you can view this video:

This is continuing the drive to Cloud 2.0. This means that you are location independent and utilize the cloud for your computing requirements. A cloud database only supports this endeavor. Let us know where you think this is going. Let us know if a cloud database is in your future!

Advantages of Online CRM solution

Author: Antje Wilmer

Customer relationship management or CRM is defined as the process of tracking and organizing contacts with your current and prospective customers. An effective CRM practice revolves around different departments of your business process, enhances its productivity and service to match expectations of your customers. According a recent survey conducted by “Benchmark” CRM applications can increase revenue per sales person by 41% and improve lead conversion over 300%. Other advantages of CRM applications are customer retention, better profit margin and decreased marketing and sales cost. That is the reason Claudio Marcus, research director at Gartner commented “CRM is not part of a business strategy; CRM is the business strategy.”

Advent of internet has caused a paradigm shift to age old dynamics of customer relationship management. Web based CRM or online CRM comprises s et of software applications hosted by an Application Service Provider (ASP). These applications enable you to deliver services through internet. From free of cost Google Calendar to Customized and business specific online CRM solutions are available in the market. Their installation in your business process offer manifold advantages. They lower down the cost of entry and ownership. You can implement changes according to demands of customers in a faster manner. It helps in faster transmission of information among the line of organizational hierarchy and your customers.

Accessibility is another advantage of online CRM applications. Though these application you can access your customers from any part of the globe. Implementation of online CRM solutions is easy as they do not need any costly hardware server infrastructure and deployment of backend operations. If you are going for a customized Online CRM solution, it can adopt to growing demands of your business.

In a nutshell, Online CRM solutions and applications will lead you towards smoother operation, expanded customer base and better profit.

Antje Wilmer is a freelance writer on eCommerce. He has written the articles and blogs on eCommerce Software and online CRM Solution.

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What To Look For In An ERP Solution

Browsing the web we ran across this article that is a good guide in helping in your ERP Selection process. Normally we are careful about vendor provided articles, but this one seemed to be on track. It clearly points out the issues that you need to be aware of when looking at an ERP solution. This is important today as even small companies are looking at larger tier vendors. Keeping an eye on the specific points made in this article will help you avoid choosing a software that just doesn’t fit.

What To Look For In An ERP Solution
Michael Panosh, Marketing Manager

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP describes software that integrates departments and functions across your business onto a single computer system. The intended outcome is a system that improves operational visibility, streamlines decision making, reduces costs and generally allows you to manage your business to better profitability.

Whilst there has been considerable hype – and horror stories – about ERP systems, up until recently only large corporations have implemented comprehensive ERP solutions, mainly because they have been perceived as cost prohibitive for smaller companies.

In recent years however, many small and medium sized enterprises SMEs have begun to see the value of ERP solutions as a way to respond to both legislative compliance and industry mandates for electronic trading. The reality now is that companies with a turnover of more than $10 million should be considering implementing an ERP solution, if not actively planning for one.

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6 ‘must ask’ questions when buying a mid-tier ERP solution

The following articles is important for people considering looking ERP vendors. Too often people follow the salesperson blindly and do not ask the right questions. Here are 6 questions that should be part of the buying plan.

6 ‘must ask’ questions when buying a mid-tier ERP solution