Sick of pop-ups

While working on an ERP implementation, I had a friend not so long ago complain to me that his daughter was using his laptop at home and now he gets tons of pop-up ads, and the system seemed so slow. I explained to him that that is often the case when you use Internet Explorer. I suggested using Mozilla’s firefox to him. We ran a few different anti-spyware programs to clean the machine, installed Firefox and he took it home. I instructed him to teach his daughter to only use Firefox from now on.

A couple months later, he came back to me and thanked me a lot. “Ever since she has been using Firefox, I do not have any junk on my computer and those crazy pop-up windows have stopped.” I smiled and nodded knowingly.

Firefox is a great browser and has all of the features of IE and then some. It has tabs that help you to browse many pages in the same window. It also has quite a really great plug-ins. Plug-ins are programs that can be downloaded and can extend your browser’s capabilities. I have my browser controling my Itunes for music, showing me the weather in the bottom status bar, using Pluck to read RSS feeds – right from the browser and a few more.

Please give it a try. You won’t be sorry. Download the free browser now at:

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