Integrated Solutions – RFID Required: LEGO’s Integrated RFID System

You’ve probably heard the stories of frustration with RFID: high overheads and little returns, constant implementation challenges, and business benefits that will be realized someday. So I’m sure you’l be as floored as I was when you hear LEGO Systems, Inc.’s story. Pat McGrath, project manager, distribution, Americas; and Gary Deets, applications manager, global IT, are so positive about RFID that you’d think they’re speaking pure conjecture, or at the very least, a bunch of marketing fluff. But, they aren’t. McGrath and Deets are speaking from real experience, from implementing an RFID solution into a LEGO DC (distribution center) to comply with both Wal-Mart’s and Target’s mandates – compliance they gained three months ahead of schedule.Integrated Solutions – RFID Required: LEGO’s Integrated RFID System

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