Revenue and Receivables Management: Myths and Truths About ERP

Do you take best of breed or do you find a single source? The question of whether to implement multiple solutions that fit the specific niche areas of your business or to implement a single platform, single database solution of a modern ERP system.

There is an interesting article that debunks the myths of going best of breed. Taken with an accounting slant, this article does point out some of the key considerations an IT manager must make when considering whether to implement specialized solutions or to roll out a single ERP system:

Revenue and Receivables Management: Myths and Truths About ERP

By Sanjay Srivastava

Six myths about ERP debunked

Enterprise resource planning ERP technology has a proven history of delivering value to todays corporations by enabling a centralized information warehouse to be leveraged enterprise-wide. However, ERP has a broad focus, and best-of-breed BoB applications have been developed to provide the depth of functionality required by key functional areas, such as accounts receivable. As a result, corporations have long recognized the need for best-of-breed applications to bridge fill the void of ERPs functional limitations.

With ERPs broad focus, it is easy to believe that it can provide a single solution to all of your corporations challenges. However, it is important to know where the lines of reality and myth collide. There is no doubt that ERP plays a very crucial role in todays enterprise, but as with any technology, naturally there are functional limitations. It is crucial to understand what these limitations are.

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