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Get More From Your ERP Investment

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Most companies want to know what they will get out of an ERP system. What is the ROI on the ERP investment. This article deals with some of these issues…

Get More From Your ERP Investment
Robert D. Kugel

Ventana Research recently completed a research study titled ‘ERP Innovation’. When we speak of innovation in using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, we mean to suggest going beyond the first-generation objective of increasing efficiency through automation. We believe companies can achieve more today with this software than ever before. They can attain a higher return on their substantial investment in this critical enterprise software. Our study was designed to determine to what extent companies have taken advantage of these enhanced capabilities. Overall, we find that innovative companies have taken the lead in more completely utilizing their ERP systems. Our research indicates that these achievements are the result of using capabilities that already exist and that others can implement. … Read More…


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