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Microsofts latest ERP push: What does it mean for SAP, Duet?

It has been apparent for a couple years now that Microsoft was pushing upwards in the Enterprise space. But are they really ready for prime time? They seem to think they are. Here is an article from an SAP site about Steve Ballmer’s keynote speach in San Diego this past week. ——————————— Microsoft had some […]

Software Implementation Projects And Six Sigma

Software Implementation Projects And Six Sigma Tony Jacowski Six Sigma concepts were originally developed for use in the manufacturing sector, but are now increasingly being used in the services sector as well. Use of Six Sigma concepts in the software industry has become quite common, but what many people do not know is that Six […]

Exposing The 7 Hidden Costs Of Putting-off Your ERP Upgrade

One you are up on an ERP system, for how long to you continue to pay maintenance? The answer is indefinitely if you want to keep current on the software. Hopefully, you have not modified the core software, such that you have broken your upgrade path. If you haven’t then you can move along with […]

ERP Products

There are quite a few ERP Products around. In fact, ERP goes beyond just simply selling software. There are ERP products such as RF Devices, Bar Code Printers, POS terminals, various interface devices, etc. There is a multitude of people selling all sorts of associated ERP Products. You may or may not need these items, […]

The Importance of Assigning Tasks and Resources in Project Management

One of the key success factors in an ERP, CRM, or other implementation is that there is good project management. This article touches on some of the features of managing the project: managing Tasks and managing Resources. The Importance of Assigning Tasks and Resources in Project Management John Reynolds There are two major ways to […]

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