Video: Microsoft vs. SAP and Oracle’s mid-market offerings

How can Microsoft ERP compete with SAP and Oracle’s mid-market offerings?

Don Fornes, CEO of our partner Software Advice, interviewed the Microsoft Director of Marketing for ERP, Guy Weismantel, about the latest updates to the Microsoft ERP product line. In this video he talks about where and how Microsoft competes in the Enterprise with SAP and Oracle.

Often a corporate headquarters runs SAP or Oracle for the financials and the various plants, divisions and subsidiaries are running differing software, including Microsoft. Guy discusses the competitive advantages that Microsoft brings the these corporations at the divisional or plant level. There are some distinct advantages for these smaller segments of a large business to running Microsoft Dynamics. Find out more in this interesting video.

This is the fifth in a series of 7 videos that we will be posting.

Microsoft vs. SAP and Oracle’s mid-market offerings

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Microsofts latest ERP push: What does it mean for SAP, Duet?

It has been apparent for a couple years now that Microsoft was pushing upwards in the Enterprise space. But are they really ready for prime time? They seem to think they are. Here is an article from an SAP site about Steve Ballmer’s keynote speach in San Diego this past week.


Microsoft had some strong words about SAP at last weeks Convergence conference in San Diego. Does this signal the end of the happy union between the two companies?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called SAP his companys “big competitor” in the enterprise market and said that Dynamics has a simpler set of processes, requiring less customization than SAP and that it is “enterprise-ready.” “When it comes to scale, reliability, transaction volume, theres nothing in our design mentality, philosophy or anything else that should hold us back,” Ballmer said. “We want to give people the capabilities they want, the capabilities that their users can use, and the capabilities that you can get implemented at whatever size, whatever volume you are.”

Microsofts latest ERP push: What does it mean for SAP, Duet?
Microsofts latest ERP push: What does it mean for SAP, Duet?
By Jon Franke, News Editor
21 Mar 2007 |