What On Earth Is ERP? – ERP Demystified

What On Earth Is ERP? – ERP Demystified
Sandra Stammberger

You might ask what is ERP? ERP is an industry term used by a variety of companies. It functions for a broad set of operations that supports multi use modules of application software.

This helps companies and manufacturers manage product parts for purchasing, maintaining inventories, customer service, tracking orders and interacting with suppliers.

ERP replaces standard computer systems with its simple categorized software program. The ERP software links together the business modules so that the finance department can look into the order forms of the warehouses software and determine or see where has the shipment been shipped too.

The ERP software is a very flexible component meaning you can make due with just installing a few modules for that day and do the rest another time.

So what exactly can ERP do you might ask?

� One of the advantages of ERP is the systems automating the different steps needed when taking a customers order.

� Another benefit of the ERP system is when a representative of the customer care service enters the customers order and can see all the necessary information to complete the order or to see if there are any problems with the order it self.

� The ERP system will show him or her, the customers order history, credit rating, inventory levels, and even the trucks docking information from the logistics module.

� The ERP can be applied to other business processes such as employee benefits and financial reports. It can also via route the order forms of any customers shipment to any department for updates.

� To track any shipment all you have to do is log in to the ERP system and it will give you a detailed description of where the shipment has been, what department and if any changes have been made.

With its vast descriptive database the ERP system can give customers their orders faster with fewer errors. ERP applications are used majority of the time by large management inventory companies who need ERP solutions for organization.

One of the great things about the ERP system is it was designed to manage all or majority of manufacturing and distribution enterprises. One of the reasons for ERP systems is that I can provide consistent user interface with other modules.

The ERP integrates all facets of business which leads to better results for companies who large quantities of shipments, buyers and customer care services. It is a system that goes beyond traditional application modes. It has advanced management methods and advanced information technology.

Even though there are departments who have their own systems with the help of ERP it can combine all software and programs creating a single integrated program that can run off one database and have various departments easily share and communicate more efficiently with each other

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