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In a rare interview, SAP’s Sachar Paulus talks about how the ERP software giant secures the software that may very well be your business’s backbone.

Today, more and more criminals are turning their attention to file transfers that carry consumer identifying data. Many organizations move this information with file transfer protocol FTP, and these servers are proving to be easy targets for thieves. Encryption may seem like an easy fix, but there is no easy answer to this complicated problem. If your company runs SAP, some part of your organization’s security–probably a tremendous part of it–depends on Sachar Paulus.

Until June, Paulus was CSO, responsible for IT, physical and organizational security at the $12 billion German company known for its enterprise resource planning ERP software. Now, he’s SVP of product and security governance, and as such is responsible for security strategy for all products. New threats, increasing complexity and emerging regulations have increased the importance of security on all fronts. Despite the high stakes, though, Paulus is not in the spotlight in the United States and does few interviews. CSO’s Katherine Walsh recently talked with him about SAP’s security strategy, global compliance issues, and how he stays on top of it all.

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