7 Free and Indispensible ERP Sites you can’t implement without

When entering into an ERP selection and implementation, the more you understand what you are getting into, the better. We have collected a few key sites that give a great basis for understanding and are resources we turn to now and again. We have also conscientiously stayed away from vendor references. What we show below are references to help you before you start talking with vendors.

1. CIO.com ABC An Introduction to ERP – This is an detailed article on all facets of an ERP undertaking. Looking at the cost factors, the project aspects, and the realities of ERP.

2. The ePMbookThe FREE ePMbook by Simon Wallace is a great resource for project management concepts. Broken into two sections – the Day Job and the Night Job; the Day Job is an exhastive look at project management and the Night Job is a quick guide to concepts such as Program Management. Well worth a read.

3. Software Advice – This is a very detailed synopsis of various ERP, CRM, BI, and other enterprise solutions. The site goes into detail as to what the software is, who it is targeted at, and provides contact info for each of the vendors. Get free demos, information, and price quotes.

4. Bridgefield Group ERP/Supply chain Glossary – A detailed glossary of terms for ERP and the Supply Chain.

5. ERP @ IT Toolbox – A great collection of articles and information. There are also discussions and various white papers. Just be careful of all the vendor sponsored information.

6. ERP Graveyard – You can’t keep track of the players without a scorecard. This site sizes up the acquisitions and mergers of all the ERP companies. You will be surprised at the long list of players in the Graveyard Scorecard!

7. ERPandmore.com Books – If you are going to attempt an ERP roll-out, you will want to read even more in depth than even these brief articles.

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