Top 7 ERP Implementation Analogies

ERP implementations are difficult. That is a given. But, during an ERP implementation people always use analogies to describe how difficult the process will be. Here are some of our favorites. Please comment and add to the list of interesting, strange, humorous or bizarre analogies you have heard:

1. The implementation will be like open heart surgery while the patient is still alive and working.

2. An ERP implementation is like the corporate equivalent of a brain transplant.

3. I think of ERP implementations like mountain climbing: No two are the same, Some principles are universal: Gravity makes you fall no matter what mountain you climb. Some approaches are either wrong or very risky.

4. ERP is like my marriage…In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health…

5. ERP implementation is like a warfare, make it quick and fast, don’t drag too long. The soldier’s morale is the key.

6. ERP implementation is like a soccer team, where the coach, physiotherapist and substitutes have roles that are equal to those of the players themselves. (… in explaining the role of top management.)

And our favorite …

7. An ERP implementation is like a 9 month root canal.
ERP is like a root canal
Do you know of any more?

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