You’ve ‘done’ ERP, now get the value

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You’ve ‘done’ ERP, now get the value

By – Kevin Clarke, HansaWorld SA country manager

So you’ve made the decision to invest in an enterprise resource planning solution. You know you’re getting some software that drives proven, best practice business processes, and you’ve gone through the perhaps painful process of having the software implemented, configured and fine-tuned. Happy days are here, right? Not necessarily. You need to be sure you don’t suffer from user regression as well as the possibility of your shiny, integrated new ERP system becoming little more than a glorified accounting system.

Probably one of the biggest challenges with any ERP deployment is that of user acceptance. While training must surely have been an integral part of the project, it is important to remember it should not end with the conclusion of the project. When the consultants have packed up and left the building and the ERP system is humming nicely in the background, a new danger lurks, which might adversely affect the value you get from your ERP solution.

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