Salesforce Connects the Social Web to Customer Service – The Connected Web is an innovative leader in the CRM space. A while ago, an enterprising employee of Salesforce created Faceforce, Now renamed as Face Connector for Facebook. has jumped on this linkage and has expanded it to now include a customer service aspect via the social network.

This article below explains this more: Connects the Social Web to Customer Service

By Phil Wainewright on January 15, 2009 4:45 PM 0 0 Vote 0 Votes today harnessed the social web (or at least, the segment of it that hangs out on FaceBook) to help corporations improve their customer service.

The Service Cloud, announced today and immediately available for use, brings's application platform and its links into FaceBook together with the knowledgebase technology it acquired when it bought customer support vendor Instranet last year.

Businesses these day are increasingly becoming aware that their customers often take a self-help approach to customer service, seeking advice and help from third-party community sites or from the social networks, such as FaceBook, where they keep in touch with their friends online. That can mean that customers are exchanging complaints, compiling wishlists or finding solutions to problems without the company even being aware.

via Connects the Social Web to Customer Service – The Connected Web.

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