Project Management Planning vs. Task Management

Project Management for ERP cannot be understated. It is the essential tool for ensuring a successful launch of a new Enterprise Software system. Understanding the Scope, the Time Frame, the Budget, the People/Resources available, and the goals are all important. Many people use a tool such as MS Project to plan the various stages and tasks to complete.

There is a fundamental difference between planning a project and tracking it. On a project team there are various assignments and tasks that need to be accomplished. MS Project is often cumbersome to track detailed tasks. Especially those that come up in steering committee meetings and even on phone calls.

Being able to track them requires a useful tool to manage all the tasks. This is different than Microsoft Project. MS Project is a great planning tool. But to manage the various sub-projects and tasks, we have started using Nozbe. Check it out. We have put up a link on the sidebar of our site to assist you. Another good resource for various project software is

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