Are IT managers worried about cloud computing?

There is a new survey out that shows that IT Managers are not sold on the benefits of cloud computing. The primary reason is that these IT Managers view cloud computing as risky. The article portrays these IT leaders as being risk adverse and so they are careful not to expose their company’s data to all the potentials of being on the Internet.

Is it possible though, that they are avoiding the loss of control and the potential of losing their jobs, once executives realize that they can pay a lower monthly cost for a secure outsourced cloud computing solution? Many IT Managers like to be in control. They have the keys to the kingdom and are the gatekeepers to the most valuable asset in a corporation, the data. Giving up this control would require a tremendous change to their thinking.

Further, many may believe that they are best suited to protect this data asset. The ironic thing is that, in the article linked above, it points out that “Beyond the topic of cloud computing, the survey also found that employees often engage in behavior that puts their company at risk. Half of IT professionals said workers don’t adequately protect confidential documents and 32 percent said workers use software and online services that were not authorized.” This just goes to prove that these IT Managers see themselves as the best ones for guarding the kingdom.

Alternatively, major SAAS players such as implement carrier-level security such as Access control (including biometric scanning for access) and Physical Security, Environmental Controls, Power Management (including redundant generators), Network security (such as redundant networks) and Fire detection and Suppression. Additionally, all transactions are encrypted. These are strongly protected data stores. Only larger corporations maintain these levels of security. Further, many SAAS providers have dedicated security teams that maintain the highest level of security. Can a mid-sized company IT Manager say the same?

As such, it is probably more likely that privately these managers realize this and are actually fearing the loss of their job as more and more of their infrastructure is moved to the cloud. Just as moving from mainframes to PCs, it will be interesting to watch the transition from internal PC networks to cloud computing.

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