CMMS Software functionality

CMMS software has been developed over the past twenty years and now provides one of the broadest ranges of functionality in the industry including:

* Asset hierachy management
* Storage of documents
* Inventory control
* Scheduliing of maintenance
* Integration with main project management packages
* Programmable SMS and email alert

Ultimately, the purpose of any CMMS is to provide management reporting, process optimisation and control, compliance and cost reduction. For more information on this see the CMMS software white paper that describes the benefits.

Any leading CMMS needs to be architecturally constructed using a range of software modules so that it can be tailored to meet the requirements of any particular installation.

Managers particularly benefit from the familiar Windows-based user interface that enables the information dashboard to display the data required by the manager. Standard reports that can be customized to meet individual requirements are very helpful in ensuring that each member of the reporting hierachy is given exactly the information that they require.
Software Modules.

Typically the modules will cover the full range of maintenance management requirements including:

* Process management
* Scheduled Maintenance
* Asset Register
* Inspections & Lubrication
* Documents & Drawings
* Reporting functions
* Inventory management
* Condition Tracking
* Communication with mobile staff

Mobile Maintenance Management
One of the most popular modules is Mobile Maintenance.
This is because great efficiencies can be gained by allowing technicians to access real time data via a PDA.
Maintenance manager and technicians can contact each other via email or SMS to their PDA or smart phones.

System Security
A true enterprise-class CMMS software solution must be able to be implemented on a group-wide basis covering multiple sites and campuses. Based on proven Microsoft Windows platforms it is straight-forward for in-house IT teams to maintain the infrastructure. The CMMS software is fundemental to any business, so naturally, the security policy and its implentation is paramount.

Solution implementation
Any CMMS software solution is only as good as its implementation. Most vendors provided experienced engineers, maintenance process specialists and project managers on a consulting basis to help you implement your CMMS correctly first time and then use it to take maximum advantage from it to achieve fast return on investment.

Other CMMS Software to Consider

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