Enterprise Resource Planning Training Tips

Enterprise Resource Planning Training Tips

Enterprise Resource Planning is complicated and requires a lot of hands on training. Trainings should occur just before implementation go-live, soon after go-live, and refresher trainings through the life of the system. Many people miss the fact that employees change both in terms of jobs and also their roles within a company. So a system that is even one year old can have many untrained people working the system (or rather struggling with the system.) To keep the system operating and extend the useful life of the system, you should provide training on these systems as frequently as each major release of the software. Further, you should allow the employees the time and money to maintain their skill with the system.

Moving to a new Enterprise Resource Planning software requires a lot of training of various types. Of course there are many different Enterprise Resource Planning applications. Each is usually delivered by the vendors or their implementors. But there are other resources for Enterprise Resource Planning Training. These can include in-person training classes, online classes, self-study books, and vendor provided training modules.

Enterprise Resource Planning Training Resources

For many Enterprise Resource Planning software, there are no resources outside of having the vendors provide the training. Many ERP software providers are too small and so the only training is from them.

Some systems, including most midrange systems, will provide CDROM Enterprise Resource Planning Training, or they may have tutorials built into the system. For larger systems such as SAP, Oracle, or others, you can buy training Enterprise Resource Planning Training modules through a variety of providers.

Other ways to obtain Enterprise Resource Planning Training include various training centers such as New Horizons or Learning Tree. These are usually more expensive than online trainings, but they include a live instructor and simulations that make the learning experience true-to-life.

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