Erp Popularity And Need in Heath Care Industry

The scope of implementing ERP in healthcare industry has been increased fairly as more and more hospitals are coming up with the growing population and critical diseases causing to the mankind. Nowadays treating patient is no more just a service, the whole hospital sector has become hospital industry. As number of hospitals are coming up, so every one is looking for better professionalism and better service from the concerned department.

These days patients are more demanding. With so many medical facilities they get and they invest money just to ensure they get the best of treatment so naturally they want the best return of their hard earned money. So this health care industry is developing at a great speed with the two major factors namely business and service. So now the situation has come that hospitals can’t continue with their old practices and technologies where service are not up to the mark and yet charge huge bill to the patients. Therefore it is mandatory for hospitals to go for the latest trends of technology and ensure the best service to the customer or patients. So there is a need of implement an ERP solution which has been specially designed and developed for the health care industry. Every hospital has their basic set up in terms of equipments and necessary instruments, devices to give treatment to the patients. Also they hire best doctors, nurses and other clinical and surgical staffs in order to maintain the reputation of the hospital.

So the focus here is to manage the whole operation smoothly and in more professional way, so that the patients can be really satisfied by the service of the hospital. The main focus of the ERP in health care Industry is from the point of view of patients’ satisfaction. The key factors which one has to keep in mind while implementing the software are as follows – 1. Patients should not wait in queue for long to visit a doctor of their choice. 2. There should be option for booking in advance for the specific doctor. 3. All the bills can be paid online by the patient party in case of emergency. 4. Availability of choice of beds should be there in case of admission. 5. Discharge procedure should not be long. 6. Medi claim facilities and procedure should be fast and should be directly with the insurance company. The hospital authority should also focus on that type of software which can give a proper track of the following. 1. Doctors’ schedule with date and time. 2. Proper intimation to the dashboard when specific doctors are not available on some said days. 3. Daily entry of patients list. 4. Proper billing methods for surgical treatments, and medical treatments along with diagnosis reports. 5. Regular update for the stock of medicines. 6. Regular attendance of the staffs of the hospital. 7. Stock updates of laundry and kitchen materials.

These should be the basic features of the ERP in health care industry. It can reduce hospital overheads as it helps to integrate all functions namely accounts, finance, human resources and bring them under one roof or one common database. In hospitals connectivity is most important, because every time the information has to be circulated ion various departments in order to maintain a chain of events. Like a chain of events happen when a patient got admitted for certain operation. So keeping a track from admission to discharge is very important. So for hospital industry there is a need of developing specialized ERP software that can take care of every aspect that has been mentioned above.

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