ERP Software

ERP Software

ERP Software can be complex. The first thing you should understand is that ERP is a methodology enabled by software. This methodology and the related software can effectively manage all aspects of a business, providing real-time reporting and management decision making tools.

Selecting and implementing these software can be an awesome task. How do you know which ERP System is correct for your company? First you need to identify the software vendors in your niche. If you are a service provider, a manufacturing ERP software will probably not work as well for you as a service focused ERP system.

Because these ERP Software systems are varied and diverse. A complete listing is often difficult to find. As such, we have put together a vendor resource directory. This list can be found at our vendor listing and review section at:

If you know of any software providers that are not listed, please submit them to help us build our directory of ERP Software.

ERP Software selections

ERP selections are the foundation to a successful implementation. The following are the steps necessary to select the proper software provider:

  • Define Requirements
  • Weight Requirements
  • Build and Send RFI
  • Develop Process Scripts
  • Review RFIs & Down-select Vendors
  • Hold Scripted Demonstrations
  • Negotiation and Final Selection

ERP Software implementations

Keys to a Successful ERP Implementation:

  • Strong Organization and Project Management
  • Executives must view ERP as tool to change company’s processes
  • Leadership
  • Clear Objectives
  • Credible Benefits tracking
  • Current and Post ERP Metrics
  • Internal Marketing of the Reasons for the implementation and eventually the Results of the implementation

ERP Software Resources

There are many ERP software resources available on These include our:

  1. ERP Software evaluation Tools
  2. ERP Vendors Directory
  3. ERP Software Training

Plus many hundreds of blog posts for your reference.

ERP Software

We hope that your search for ERP Software information is fruitful and can be a valued resource to you

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