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ERP Vendors

ERP Vendors

ERP Vendors are varied and diverse. Mainly this because the are focused on differing markets. Let’s look deeper at how you can differentiate the many ERP Vendors out there.

Types of ERP Vendors

You can broadly categorize ERP Vendors into three types:

1. Niche based ERP Vendors
2. Mass Market ERP Vendors
3. Add-on type ERP Vendors

The first type are those vendors who focus solely on the unique market, such as lumber, injection molding, food processing, and a slew of other specialty markets.ERP Vendors

The second type of vendors are the ones who can do all for everyone. The vendors serve the mass market of companies well, but sometimes do not meet the most detail of industry specific requirements. The vendors include SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft.

The last type are those vendors who do some of an ERP’s functionality, but not all. They may only do accounting, or just manufacturing, or even just an inventory management solution. They have pre-defined partners who together form a complete enterprise solution.

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ERP Vendors Directory

A complete listing is often difficult to find. As such, we have put together a vendor resource directory. This list can be found at our vendor listing and review section at:

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ERP Vendors

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