and Google – Adwords now, what’s next?

From Eweek: and Google are putting more muscle into their relationship by entering a “strategic alliance” to mutually market and promote the use of Google AdWords along with Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform.

The center piece of the alliance is the Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords, which is designed to enable customers to create, manage and track AdWords search advertising from within their CRM applications, according to Bruce Francis,’s vice president of corporate strategy.
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The real question is where is this going? With Google for Domains email and Google’s Documents (spreadsheets, Word-like documents, and presentations), will a Google/Salesforce on-demand alignment mean an even bigger threat for Microsoft? has been successful at developing the on-demand market place for enterprise applications. They have created a new option that few other vendors have been able to create. The old ASP model was the hopes of many ERP vendors to have outsourced ERP. But it didn’t take off. But Salesforce and its outsourced CRM system is making inroads into todays corporate environment.

Now with Google, together they have the muscle and the wherewithal to lead corporations to an on-demand world.

Microsoft is working hard to catch up with, but will it impact the G/SF momentum? Time will tell.

2005 Review of the Year: Enterprise software –

Oracle/SAP duopoly in the enterprise software space heats up the competiton
Tom Sanders in California, 30 Dec 2005

As Oracle continued its buying spree in the enterprise software space, the vendor exchanged some carefully aimed punches with SAP.

The most visible confrontation occurred early in 2005. SAP unfolded a $496m plan in February to acquire Retek, a maker of enterprise software for retail clients.

Oracle quickly responded and in March launched …
2005 Review of the Year: Enterprise software – Supply and Demand Synchronization

Two years ago, Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA (KMC, USA) took a closer look at both its supply chain and its relationship with dealers, and found some weak spots. “We didn’t have forecasting that was sophisticated and we didn’t have a reporting engine,” says Barry Beehler, VP of Planning and Marketing for KMC, USA. “The different pieces weren’t talking to each other.”

By March of next year, the pieces are set to integrate. There’s now a supply chain management (SCM) and supply chain execution (SCE) execution from Mitrix that will tap into KMC, USA’s forecasting engine, imports system, shipper information, legacy vehicle system, and manufacturing systems as well. Read more…

Handle your resources optimally, ERP is here –

As many companies are part of the global or domestic supply chain, they have their own reservations, which include cost challenge, quality as well as less rejection of the product apart from the tight deadline to cater to the need of the customers.

The panacea for the above problems is a right platform to utilise resources like man, material, machine and money intelligently and here comes the role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

ERP helps how to effectively utilise all these resources to get the optimum result.

Once implemented, all departments can more easily share information and the workflow that takes place between departments can become much more automated, thus serving the customers much better way.

Handle your resources optimally, ERP is here –