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ERP Post-Implementation Activities

ERP Post-Implementation Activities

As you consider your ERP post-implementation activities, remember that almost everyone focuses on the go-live event and at that time considers the implementation complete. However, the real return on investment from the ERP comes from the post-implementation activities that occur within the first year. It is a sad fact that most ERP teams disband after […]

Managerial Issues of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Product DescriptionThe primary purpose of this text is to lay out the scope of ERP Systems implementation, explain the competitive advantages of using ERP Systems, and support general concepts with short case studies. This text covers the fundamental issues important in ERP implementation and management, starting from an information systems, information technology project management perspective. […]

Enterprise Resource Planning: Dr. Norma Davis

Dr. Norma Davis, management consultant talks with Oliver Hamilton about enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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