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Welcome to the Top Posts. These posts received the most views, reactions or comments. They are also articles that we feel are just plain good. Rather than having you surf through the entire blog to pick out the best bits of information, Top Posts make my best posts available on this page. We will be adding to it as more posts qualify for top posts status.

ERP Reference Information

ERP Definition

ERP History

ERP Benefits


ERP on the iPad

ERP: What Tier are you in?

ERP Selection Articles

Top 10 Process Manufacturing Software

Top 10 Job Shop Software

ERP Software Demos – 7 Things to Watch Out For

ERP Selection Tools


ERP Implementation Articles

Top 7 ERP Implementation Analogies

ERP – Where to Start?

What makes a Successful ERP Implementation?

Having RICE With Your ERP Implementation

ERP Training


Cloud Computing

Are IT Managers worried about Cloud Computing?

Cloud 2.0 is here

Your Cloud Database Solution

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