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7 Ways to Fail in an ERP Selection

7 Ways to Fail in an ERP Selection by Chris Shaul The best way to fail at an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation is to choose the wrong software up front. Choosing software without following some basic guidelines is a sure-fire method for disaster. Probably the worst thing that someone has done (that we know […]

ERP at a Pharma Company

Here is an interesting case study of ERP at a Pharmacutical company. The interesting thing is like so many companies, they migrated from a Foxpro system to SAP. From home grown to world class… ERP at a pharma company Kemwell has been able to gain better insights into its manufacturing processes through an ERP deployment. […]

ERP, CRM Drive Modest Hiring Gains in a Tight Market

ERP, CRM DRIVE MODEST HIRING GAINS IN TIGHT MARKET By Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer 06.19.2006 | More CIOs will be hiring this summer than last, but according to a new survey many will have a tough time recruiting top talent. For the most part, business growth is driving the modest uptick and is cited […]

ERP and OS Security Concerns

An interesting topic concerning ERP is which platform to run on. This is one of the first questions that needs to be asked in deciding on an ERP system. But the answer is not always as simple as you think. Below is an interesting article about Operating Systems and their security. More so, how it […]

Best of Breed or Single Vendor?

The question of Best of Breed or Single vendors applies to many aspects of application software. ERP, for example, can be architected in either method. Depending upon the client and the needs of the business, the exisiting infrastructure, there may be a hybrid of solutions or a single solution. The following makes a good statement […]

Hugger-Mugger fixes goofed open source ERP implementation

Although this article is a year old, it shows how an IT centric approach to ERP will lead to problems. ERP should be a process centric approach with the software being an enabler to good processes: Hugger-Mugger fixes goofed open source ERP implementation By Jan Stafford, Editor 05 Jul 2005 | The low cost […]

How ERP Systems Must Meet the Challenges of Automotive Suppliers

Browsing around the web we often come across gems of information. Here is an article that although a little dated shows how ERP must answer key functions in the automotive industry: “Being competitive in the automotive industry requires adopting new management methodologies, such as just-in-time, electronic data communications, and work order-less scheduling and billing. Packaged […]

ISO 27001 – Are your Business Systems Ready?

There is a new standard for Quality Management and it directly affects IT and specifically IT Security. It is ISO 27001. What is it? WHAT IS ISO 27001? ISO 27001 is the formal standard against which organizations may seek independent certification of their Information Security Management Systems, meaning their framework to design, implement, manage, maintain […]

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