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Using ERP to get everyone on the same page

There is an excellent article on ERP from IBM that discusses the issues of the value of ERP. Getting everyone communicating together is one of the largest benefits of implementing an ERP system. Using ERP to get everyone on the same page By Julie Fraser How many different applications are in use across your organization? […]

Vista hits the street – How will it affect ERP?

Vista hits the street today, so how will it affect ERP? Vista ultimately will pervade the corporate environment. For now though it is the home user that will be scooping it off the shelves. For the server side, vendors are either already there with Windows Server 2003r2 or are coding to make it ready. There […]

What the ERP Salesperson doesn’t tell you

An interesting article from ITToolbox on ERP: What the ERP Salesperson doesn’t tell you “Let me show you how easy our software is to use” Salespeople or professional demonstrators are trained to present their software to look as easy as possible. The truth is it is impossible to know how easy the software is until […]

Fully Integrated Midrange ERP Accounting Software is Rare

Here is an interesting article on how the mid market ERP financials do not often serve their clients well: Fully Integrated Midrange ERP Accounting Software is Rare By Thomas R. Cutler Few ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems offer a product which is simple enough for small companies, yet complex enough to manage multinational corporations with […]

Oracle Apps Unlimited

The latest word out of Oracle is that on January 31 and February 1st and in cities around the world, Oracle will host launch events for an unprecedented five new releases: Oracle’s Siebel 8 – the global leader in CRM software Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 – the extended value release for HCM Oracle’s JD Edwards […]

Discrete vs. Process ERP Software

Discrete vs. Process in ERP by Chris Shaul One of the saddest things is a manufacturer who chooses an ERP software system that does not a fit with what they do. For example, a chemical producer who selects and implements software designed for a type of company which manufactures solid objects such as furniture. There […]

ERPandMore site update

We would like to announce a few new features that have been added to the site: 1. ERP and CRM News – Now you can get ERP and CRM news. Visit the links to these two topics! 2. ERP Benefits page – A new page listing ERP benefits and why people choose ERP. 3. ERP […]

Gartner’s Magic Square to vanish?

According to Frank Scavo, a technology blogger, a source has informed him that Gartner’s Magic Square will no longer be prepared by the pundit group. For years this has been a source of analysis and vendor promotion. Who is a leader and who is a follower in the mid-market space is always the contested debate. […]

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