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12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch

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12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch

ERP implementations can turn a young project into a grey haired war veteran in no time. The stress of the implementation from Kick-off, configuration, data conversion, training, and all the other component parts up through Go-Live are no easy task.

If you have done everything right, then the Go-live should be a non-event. But in order to ensure that there is no catastrophic fallout from the cut-over, you need to prepare.

There is a good list of items that will help you to plan and prepare for the day that all eyes are on you and your launch. These steps are items that should be planned for early in the project, allowing for a smooth transition and a better ERP Launch.

These 12 items include such things as planning the ROI, Utilizing outside help if needed, getting buy-in from all levels of the organization and several other key planning topics. Take a look at this list and use it the next time you are planning an implementation, You might just save a few grey hairs.

You can find the 12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch listing here.

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12 Steps to a Better ERP Launch


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