Top 10 Benefits of Legal Matter Management Software

1. One central database
Anything to do with the matter is held on a database accessible to all the team. View all the documents related to a matter based on a certain standard; all the documents associated with a particular contact. Incoming letters can be scanned into the matter management system..

2. Email integration
Stay on top of your inbox and ensuring that the matter information is also complete through email integration (packages support generally include Outlook, Lotus Notes etc).

3. Time saving
Reduce time spent on document management with the use of precedents and workflows. Documents are created, stored and managed in real-time. Avoid the unnecessary overheads of typing details in every time through pre-populated templates.

4. Consistency of work
Working practice consistency can be created through templates and workflows. {Appropriate automation to free professionals from background tasks – three different levels of workflow provide the opportunity for work to be heavily controlled or largely free-flowing|Fee-earning professionals don’t need to spend time on background tasks. Workflow automation is a key step to driving up team efficiencies. Do you prefer working in a controlled environment or more loose procedures. Matter managment software systems offer these choices.

5. Keep on top of key dates and events
Matter management software can be combined with your calandar system. Supporting:

  • Resources scheduling
  • Automatic scheduling of required team members
  • Reminders for bring forward dates

6. Team effectiveness
Legal teams benefit from access to shared libraries of best practices, procedures and resources..

7. Information Management
Automated user-defined reporting. In addition to a set of standard reports. Allow user-configurable reporting to suit different organisational needs. Most matter management software allows reports to be programed to run automatically and output in the chosen format..

8. Easier client care.
Deliver an organisation-wide, shared contact database to aid collaboration and ensure that team members have access to the very latest information. Contact details can be automatically inserted as required into precedents. Conflicts and risk areas can be more easily accessed because all the files and cases associated with any contact are tagged..

9. Compliance and Records Management
Maintaining records of dates, instructions, correspondence and outcomes is increasingly important in today’s legislative environment, requiring retention or information for discovery and disclosure purposes. Implement an audit trail of the management of all records of every kind, from cases, matters and projects through to individual documents and emails.

10. Data security
Today’s professional teams are dispersed georgraphically, so an online system meaning secure access from anywhere is not only important but vital

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