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Analyst Take: Enterprise Resource Planning

Jeff Woods, Managing VP of Gartner, discusses the best practices for your ERP implementations. For more insight and advice, visit,

Finding the right enterprise software

One of the main struggles that many companies go through is finding the right software for their business. Often, the owner simply picks one because he knows a vendor, or met someone at a trade show. This is simply not the way to choose software. More often than not, the manager responsible does not know […]

Are Most Enterprise Technology Selection Exercises Flawed?

The following discusses the ways often used in selecting systems. Actually, one area not expanded upon is the combination of an RFI/RFP combined with a Scripted Demonstration process.  Using the RFI to narrow the field and the Scripted business process to show the stakeholders how the system will function for them. Sam Lowe’s blog […]

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