The Next Revolution in the Accounting Industriy

This article is not directly about ERP, but it illustrates where an ERP system can take the accountants. Now most ERP systems have the ability to store documents online. E-docs is going to be more and more common. Will the accounting industry keep up?


Every industry goes through its natural phases of transformation. As time goes, new technology becomes available, and new processes are developed. Internal and external factors contribute to the transformation process of all industries. Accounting industry is not an exception.

Only a few years ago very few accountants used software to prepare tax returns for their clients. Some even considered it a pride that they were smart enough to prepare tax returns without using software. Within a few short years, almost every accountant in the country uses some kind of tax preparation software to prepare tax returns. Now it is not a question of whether an accountant uses software to prepare tax returns, but of which software the accountant is using. Times have changed significantly in the accounting industry. Observant accountants may notice how fast things changed in their industry.

Unlike only a few years ago, it is almost unimaginable how any accounting practice could function and survive without computers and accounting software. There is probably not a single accounting practice in the country that operates without computers and software for tax and accounting. Only a few years ago, a large number of accountants did not consider Continue reading The Next Revolution in the Accounting Industriy