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Accounting ERP Software

Accounting ERP Software Buyers Guide

Accounting ERP Software on the surface seems straightforward. You need your General Ledger, your Accounts Payable and Receivables, Inventory and perhaps Fixed Assets modules. But not all Accounting ERP Software is the same. Each solution has its own legacy and grew up around certain industries. As such, you may find that although the modules are […]

Production Accounting – Enabling Production Optimization and ERP Integration

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Adding Value to your ERP Requirements

ERP Requirements Refinement When you start a system selection, you first need to determine which business process are the “value add” processes. In other words, which processes in the business add to the value of the service or product you are providing to the market. The customer is only willing to pay for those activities […]

The Next Revolution in the Accounting Industriy

This article is not directly about ERP, but it illustrates where an ERP system can take the accountants. Now most ERP systems have the ability to store documents online. E-docs is going to be more and more common. Will the accounting industry keep up? —————– Every industry goes through its natural phases of transformation. As […]

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