ERP on Tablet PCs

ERP on Tablet PCs is Now!

ERP on Tablet PCs is here now. Earlier we did an article on ERP on the iPad. With the amazing pace of technology, people can now use mobile platforms for accessing their corporate data. For some people, the iPad is a great tool, but others may have different views on using the iPad. Now there is an alternative. Small form factor Tablet PCs are available. Some of these are Windows-based and others are Android OS-based.

Imagine being a salesperson on the road and being able to review a customer account before the big meeting right from your car. Or during the meeting, being able to check stock on a particular item for the client right in their office! These are now completely realistic scenarios. Allowing the ERP on Tablet PCs to be a reality today.

Of course, it will have to gain support of the IT departments who are holding security as one of the highest priorities. Issues such as security will need to be addressed on a company-by-company basis to ensure that the corporate data is still well protected. But many companies are providing this data already on a web enabled portal, which would be perfect for ERP on a Tablet PC scenario.

We are seeing a lot of iPhone and Android apps being made for the phones, but these apps will also run ERP on Table PCs as well. So within a few years we should see a lot more of these apps available from all the major ERP vendors.

Here is a video review of the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 that will give you an idea of how powerful these technologies are now and it will give you an idea of how you will soon see ERP on the Tablet PCs.

ERP on Tablet PCs – ViewSonic Video Review

Click on the video to find out more information.

ERP on Tablet PCs

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ERP on the iPad


ERP on the iPad

Mobility is becoming more and more key to managing corporate information. As such, we have seen individual users moving entirely from their laptops to their iPad. This provides easy access to the internet, with information anywhere. This is especially true of cloud computing. With a simple iPad, you can access anything anywhere.

ERP on the iPad can be used in Sales with CRM solutions. In fact, has a native iPhone app that works on the IPAD, but bother, when you can use it on the web browser just as well? Many ERP solutions now have an html interface, so using the iPad is quite easy.

Examples of ERP on the iPad

Imagine if you will, a manager of a manufacturing plant browsing the production cells and being able to pull up real-time stats on her/his iPad and having the ability to discuss the results with the employees?

Or take an example of an HR Manager in an interview with a candidate in a random conference room, looking up on their iPad the available job postings for other divisions to better suit the candidate at hand.

Working on a campus environment, many times managers are running to meetings between buildings. Carrying an iPad with access to the ERP data is most convenient. These are just a few examples of mobility with ERP on the iPad.

So if these things are now possible, is it possible to run a Terminal Emulation program on the iPad to connect to a legacy ERP on the iPad? As far as we can tell, yes you can do that as there a number of Terminal Emulation programs for the iPhone and iPad. Are these as convenient as a web or even a native iPad app? Probably not, but it can be done.

ERP on the iPad on the Road

What about remote access to the central ERP system? Can you use an iPad while on the road to access your corporate data? Well that really depends upon if you have access via Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to the corporate network. You can setup VPN on the iPad and use it to connect securely to the corporate system. But it does require some setup. If the ERP has a web interface and it is exposed on the public web, then you can log in directly there. This is the easiest for the user, but requires additional layers of security from the IT department.

Security for ERP on the iPad

A key are of concern would be for ERP on the iPad to be able to wipe data for lost iPads. In other words, you’re at an airport. You turn around for a moment and your iPad is gone. You know it was on the seat next to you for a second. You have saved your passwords and access to all your corporate data is gone.

As it is now, the only thing you can do is to set a password and in the iPad’s settings, you can set it to wipe the data after so many bad attempts at the password. Of course, you have a copy on your computer in your iTunes right? So this is one method, but for the release of corporate data being accessible through the iPad, currently, you would probably be using a web browser.

If corporate ERP software providers come out with a dedicated App for their product specifically for the iPad, then they would need to build in some sort of password protection. This will not prevent the iPad from being accessed though, so Apple needs to come out with a function similar to what is available with the iPhone, to wipe corporate data. Without this, there probably won’t be a widespread migration to the iPad until this feature is available.

To summarize, it is possible now to use the iPad for mobile ERP access provided that the ERP is exposed to the Internet or by way of some sort of VPN. But it is probably not the most elegant solution, especially on older ERP systems. Ideally, ERP vendors will start to come out with native applications for the iPad which will ease the complexity for the user. This is already happing with cloud based providers. We hope that it will become more prevalent in the near future.

What do you think? Are you using the ERP on the iPad now? Please post your comments and let us know. Thank you.

Addendum: After posting this, we saw this press release about an iPad Enterprise Development kit for putting ERP on the iPad.

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ERP on the iPad.