A Bundled Report on the ERM Software & Application Management Services Market: Providing a Detailed Market Analysis With Forecasts to 2010

DUBLIN, Ireland, Oct 31, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Research and Markets ( http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/7ec7b3/erm_software_app) has announced the addition of the “ERM Software & Application Management Services Market 2007-2010 – Bundled Report” report to their offering.
Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) applications integrate content value chain and business support processes providing insight into critical business data. Stiff competition and rising costs are forcing companies to realign their processes, resources, financials etc, obtain a single view of spending levels and maximize usage of people and assets ensuring positive return on investment.
The SMB segment is expected to account for significant share of the ERM market, over the period 2008-2010. With the advent of on-demand or the SaaS (Software as a Service) model of ERP and other ERM applications, it has become affordable for a large number of companies. Further, the vendors have acquired the expertise and initiated channel programs to tap this segment. Continue reading A Bundled Report on the ERM Software & Application Management Services Market: Providing a Detailed Market Analysis With Forecasts to 2010

8 Steps to successful ERP Change Management

All implementation project managers must focus on people, processes and technology. It is the people aspect that is often the most complicated. Any enterprise software endeavor creates a wave of resistance. The difference between success and failure is determined by how you manage the change process.

There are many methods, but one useful method is the Kotter Change Management Methodology. This method was developed and documented by John Kotter, a noteable professor at the Harvard Business School. According to Mr. Kotter, the Eight Steps to a successful change are:

1. Create a Sense of Urgency
2. Pull Together the Guiding Team
3. Decide What you will do
4. Communicate for Understanding and Buy-in
5. Empower others to act
6. Produce Short-term wins
7. Don’t let up
8. Create a New Culture

His latest book, shown here uses a fable to illustrate how to manage change is a wonderful book that gives the high-level understanding of change management. Using a penguin colony in Antarctica as the setting, the author uses this analogy to any change occurring with groups of people. It is worth a read, but more importantly it is worth your project team reading and discussing together. Using the eight steps outlined above, with a cohesive understanding of how change affects teams, together you can undertake any enterprise software rollout.

Be sure to read John Kotter’s other books on Leading Change.

Factory Logic Expands Lean Production Management Capabilities

Factory Logic today announced an upgraded release, 5.4, of its Factory Logic Lean Operations Suite. Factory Logic said its integrated lean software is designed to support demand-driven production scheduling and pull-based supply synchronization.

The provider said the suite uses lean methods originally pioneered in the Toyota Production System (TPS) to encourage just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, which reduces lead times, improves efficiency and drives down costs throughout the supply chain.Read more about Factory Logic Expands Lean Production Management Capabilities