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Process Manufacturing ERP

Process Manufacturing ERP Selection Guide

Process Manufacturing ERP is designed for a niche group of manufacturers. Process Manufacturing is a batch-oriented method of manufacturing liquids, chemicals, foods, or other formula/recipe based products. As such, traditional MRP software does not work due to the unique requirements such as yield factors, re-blending, and container management. There are only a few vendors who […]

ROI from OEE Software

OEE measures the overall efficiency of a production line or that of a whole facility. OEE makes a worthwhile improvement towards the productivity of a manufacturing unit. Implementation of software systems invariably benefits the OEE score by up to 20% in the first year. It has been proven that improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by […]

Process Manufacturing – What is it?

Process manufacturing is the way chemical, food, and liquids manufacturers work. This is different from what how discreet manufacturers (manufacturers who make tangible items) run their operations. This is explained more on our post The Process Manufacturing ERP Buyers Guide

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