Enterprise 21 ERP Software Review

Enterprise 21 ERP Software is ideal for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. Enterprise 21 ERP from TGI offers a fully integrated solution that facilitates industry best practices. This robust ERP system provides a single platform to streamline business operations and gain bottom-line profitability while increasing efficiency. With a flexible and customizable architecture, this system can meet any company’s unique business requirements.

Enterprise 21 is a one-source solution for process, discrete and mixed-mode manufacturing environments. Lot tracking and traceability, formulas and recipe functionalities, scalable batches, compliance management and quality control make Enterprise 21 an ideal manufacturing software system for process manufacturers. Product configuration, inventory management, Bill of Materials and component substitution functionalities are offered within the system for discrete manufacturers.
Enterprise 21 ERP Software
In addition to full manufacturing functionality, Enterprise 21 delivers a complete distribution suite to manage wholesale distributors’ operations. Leveraging all of the modules included in this full ERP system, distributors can improve service, reduce costs and increase efficacy in data processing all while producing higher sales.

Integrating manufacturing and distribution modules with financial, CRM, business intelligence and warehouse management applications, Enterprise 21 fulfills all ERP needs. Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee, the strong manufacturing execution, inventory management and accounting functionalities make Enterprise 21 a must-see for companies looking for a total package system.

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More than simply software, Enterprise 21 offers solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

TGI has been providing ERP solutions since 1990 and has received numerous recognitions, including the Food Logistics FL100 Award for three consecutive years. Unlike many ERP systems out there, TGI delivers full in-house development, sales, implementation and support of their system. With a five concurrent user minimum, Enterprise 21 is ideal for SMBs wanting an on-premise system.

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7 Tips for ERP Software Selection

As outlined in our global research of 1300 global ERP implementations, enterprise software initiatives often take longer and cost more than expected, while failing to deliver expected business benefits. A common root cause of these challenges is force-fitting an ERP solution that is not a good fit for your organization. This presentation summarizes seven tips to ensure you select the right ERP software for your organization.
ERP Software Selection

Information You Need To Know About Your Software Licence

From a financial perspective, a software licence is responsible for a large proportion of a company’s IT outgoings – there are steps that can be taken to reduce these costs, however. To accomplish reduced costs with software licensing, many businesses seek out technology such as application virtualization.

Essentially, a software licence is an agreement between a publisher of software and the end user – such as businesses. It can be very costly for businesses to install separate pieces of software onto numerous different computers of their employees and it is apparent that software licence fees will soon add up. As such, the use of technology software like application virtualization will become ever more sought after in the business world – for various reasons, such as the reduction of software licensing fees.

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Slashing Expenditure

The importance of having up to date software in an office environment is plain to see and for companies with a large number of employees, rolling this software out to each computer or laptop within the office can often prove to be a highly expensive endeavour. Many companies will turn to software like application virtualization when it comes to reducing the costs which can be associated with installing a software licence onto various different computers.

Software Licence Concerns

How a company uses the applications they have purchased is something which will typically be determined by the Software Licence – the restrictions it has will ordinarily become clear during the installation of the software. Application virtualization is invariably where many companies turn to when it comes to installing software onto a number of different computers, including those employees working remotely.

Understanding the underlying principles of a software licence is fairly straightforward but the key element to remember is to adhere to any stipulations which are held within the licence itself.

Getting the Right Software

Overspending on software is common problem for businesses today but this is something which can be avoided with a few simple provisions. Getting to grips with compliance issues is one of the most important things that a business can do when it comes to a software licence – and once this is achieved, businesses are likely to be much more efficient with regard to their software licensing endeavours.

ROI from OEE Software

OEE measures the overall efficiency of a production line or that of a whole facility. OEE makes a worthwhile improvement towards the productivity of a manufacturing unit. Implementation of software systems invariably benefits the OEE score by up to 20% in the first year. It has been proven that improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by just 1% produces a significant variation in the machine’s through put and savings in the unit cost of the produced items.

The OEE score is calculated from 3 elements: Availability, Performance and Quality. Availability equals the percentage of uptime of each manufacturing or plant asset. Performance equals the percentage throughput compared with the target set for it. Quality equals the percentage of scrap. To get the OEE score, multiply Availability by Performance by Quality.

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OEE for Operators: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Shopfloor Series)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a crucial measure in TPM that reports on how well equipment is running. It factors three elements —the time the machine is actually running, the quantity of products the machine is turning out, and the quantity of good output – into a single combined score. Directly addressing those who are best positioned to track and improve the effectiveness of equipment, OEE for Operatorsdefines basic concepts and then provides a systematic explanation of how OEE should be applied to maximize a piece of equipment’s productivity and recognize when its efficiency is being compromised.


OEE for Operators: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Shopfloor Series)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness is valuable as a key performance indicator for factory supervisors. Whist the principles of the formula are simple, it can be extremely, highly complicated to calculate in in a working factory. Hence, special OEE software packages are normally used to acquire the data from each element of the manufacturing process and make the OEE calculation quickly. Typically this software is of a modular structure to give it maximum flexibility and allow it to fit with existing plant and data capture facilities and enterprise resouce planning system.

After the data has been capture and analysed, it is only useful once converted into reports that are reliable. OEE software from the main vendors gives a selection of reports that can be customzed and analyzed to faciliate the user to uncover what he is focused on.

OEE is accepted as the corner stone of lean manufacturing. via continuous improvements a manufacturing plant can become more energy efficient, improve productivity and decrease departmental silo-mentality as well as uncover and control risk. All aspects of manufacturing must comprehend the principles and practice of OEE and how it relates to the lean manufacturing principles as a key force for productivity manufacturing now and in the future.

ERP Software Reviews now available

When selecting a software, one criteria is finding out what others think of the prospective system. This can include phone calls, site surveys and other data gathering. To make this easier, ERPandmore.com has opened up a new section for ERP Software Reviews. This new section isn’t only for ERP though, it includes CRM, Business Intelligence, and even Warehouse Management software.

We are in the early days though and not all potential software systems are there. That is why we need your assistance. If you have an ERP, CRM, BI, or WMS system and would like to share that knowledge with the world, please add it to the site and add your review! This is similar to Amazon.com or any other site, where you can rate the product. So please take a look and if you can contribute to this new site, please do so. Thank you!

2007 – Spending on Manufacturing Software to Rise Strongly

According to the Institute for Supply Management:

Spending by manufacturing companies on technology — particularly ERP and manufacturing software and integration tools — is poised to accelerate through 2007, stimulated by business issues such as globalization and the need for operational efficiency, according to three recently released reports.

This is good news. Especially for the ERP space. This month, being the year end, vendors are reporting that they are very busy. For a while, there was a drop in activity, but it seems that people are back looking at enterprise software again, especially in manufacturing.

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen

Published: September 18, 2006

by Timothy Prickett Morgan

Based on a detailed report put together by Aberdeen Group and commissioned by a bunch of ERP software suppliers, companies with ERP software don’t use most of the features that have been painstakingly woven into their software.

Aberdeen based its analysis on a study of more than 1,000 manufacturers. The study was underwritten by Infor, Lawson Software, Plexus Systems, QAD, and SoftBrands, and presumably they provided some of the customers that Aberdeen talked to as well as the cash to do the survey and report that resulted from it. Aberdeen also talked to customers using other ERP suites, including those who have deployed Oracle and SAP suites.

According to the study, called “The ERP in Manufacturing Benchmark,” two thirds of the manufacturers surveyed said that they make their choice of which ERP software to use based on features and functionality, but then, on average, they use only … Read More

The ERP Software Market – What’s It All About?

Veronica Fredriksen

This DeveloperEye.com market study gives an overview of the ERP applications market, the key players as well as the benefits and obstacles with implementation of an ERP solution.

London, UK (PRWEB) March 31, 2005 — In general, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments’ particular needs.

ERP combines all departments within an organisation (HR, Manufacturing) together into a single, integrated software program that runs off a single database. In turn, the various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other.

When one department finishes with an order, it is automatically routed via the ERP system to the next department. To find out where the order is at any point, you need only log in to the ERP system and track it down.

Segments within the ERP software Market
The ERP applications market falls into three primary segments by customer size: Enterprises, Mid-Market and Small Companies. The major ERP application vendors to each segment group is illustrated below:

Market Segment ERP Vendors

SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft

Upper Mid-Market:
Microsoft, Lawson, SSA Global, Geac, SAP, Oracle/PeopleSoft

Lower Mid-Market: Microsoft, Epicor, Exacta, Sage, NetSuite, SPA BusinessOne

Small Companies: Sage, Intuit, ACCPAC, NetSuite

Key Players
SAP is the market leader in the ERP applications market. SAP and Oracle have been in intense competition for customers in recent years. After Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft, they are now ranked as the second leader of the ERP software market. SAP is holding the leadership within vertical sectors such as Government, Financial Services, Healthcare and Education across the European countries.

When looking at the leading ERP vendors for the European countries, SAP is the market leader in Germany, Spain and Italy. Oracle, on the other hand, has a strong market leadership in certain segments within the UK and France.

Most industry analysts are watching i2 Technologies, Siebel Systems, Broadvision, Ariba and CommerceOne as ERP solution providers that would like to have their share of the market.

In addition, there are also predictions that the ERP battle amongst ERP solution providers will move rapidly to the mid-market as Microsoft begins to actively compete with vendors such as SAP and Oracle for market share.

Benefits of implementation of ERP solutions
Integrate financial information – To avoid receiving conflicting information from the Finance-, HR- or Manufacturing Department, the ERP system creates a single version of the truth that cannot be questioned because everyone is using the same system.

Integrate customer order information – ERP systems can become the place where the customer order lives from the time a customer service representative receives it until the loading dock ships the merchandise and finance sends an invoice. By having this information in one software system, organisations can keep track of orders more easily, and coordinate manufacturing, inventory and shipping among many different locations at the same time.

Standardize and speed up manufacturing processes –
Standardizing a company’s processes using a single, integrated computer system can save time, increase productivity and reduce head count.

Reduce inventory – ERP helps the business process flow more smoothly, and it improves visibility of the order fulfilment process inside the company. In turn, this may lead to reduced inventories of the stuff used to make products (work-in-progress inventory).

Standardize HR information – Especially in companies with multiple business units, HR may not have a unified, simple method for tracking employees’ time and communicating with them about benefits and services.

ERP software challenges
·There is often a gap between package functionality and business needs
·ERP environments are costly to maintain
·ERP Implementation is costly and time consuming
·Larger companies typically have multiple ERP packages and vendors
·Integration of systems is complex
·Companies Are Simplifying Their ERP Environments

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