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Enterprise 21 ERP Software

Enterprise 21 ERP Software Review

Enterprise 21 ERP Software is ideal for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. Enterprise 21 ERP from TGI offers a fully integrated solution that facilitates industry best practices. This robust ERP system provides a single platform to streamline business operations and gain bottom-line profitability while increasing efficiency. With a flexible and customizable architecture, this […]

7 Tips for ERP Software Selection

As outlined in our global research of 1300 global ERP implementations, enterprise software initiatives often take longer and cost more than expected, while failing to deliver expected business benefits. A common root cause of these challenges is force-fitting an ERP solution that is not a good fit for your organization. This presentation summarizes seven tips […]

Information You Need To Know About Your Software Licence

From a financial perspective, a software licence is responsible for a large proportion of a company’s IT outgoings – there are steps that can be taken to reduce these costs, however. To accomplish reduced costs with software licensing, many businesses seek out technology such as application virtualization. Essentially, a software licence is an agreement between […]

ROI from OEE Software

OEE measures the overall efficiency of a production line or that of a whole facility. OEE makes a worthwhile improvement towards the productivity of a manufacturing unit. Implementation of software systems invariably benefits the OEE score by up to 20% in the first year. It has been proven that improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness by […]

ERP Software Reviews now available

When selecting a software, one criteria is finding out what others think of the prospective system. This can include phone calls, site surveys and other data gathering. To make this easier, has opened up a new section for ERP Software Reviews. This new section isn’t only for ERP though, it includes CRM, Business Intelligence, […]

2007 – Spending on Manufacturing Software to Rise Strongly

According to the Institute for Supply Management: Spending by manufacturing companies on technology — particularly ERP and manufacturing software and integration tools — is poised to accelerate through 2007, stimulated by business issues such as globalization and the need for operational efficiency, according to three recently released reports. This is good news. Especially for the […]

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen

Manufacturers Don’t User Most of Their ERP Software’s Features, Says Aberdeen Published: September 18, 2006 by Timothy Prickett Morgan Based on a detailed report put together by Aberdeen Group and commissioned by a bunch of ERP software suppliers, companies with ERP software don’t use most of the features that have been painstakingly woven into their […]

The ERP Software Market – What’s It All About?

Veronica Fredriksen This market study gives an overview of the ERP applications market, the key players as well as the benefits and obstacles with implementation of an ERP solution. London, UK (PRWEB) March 31, 2005 — In general, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto […]

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