My ERP supplier has been acquired – now what?

With all the ERP consolidations going on (look at Infor, Sage, Oracle, etc.) it is hard to know what to do. This interesting article points out the issues surrounding the client of an acquired software.

My ERP supplier has been acquired – now what?
By Quocirca

Published: Monday 5 February 2007

If your ERP vendor is acquired, don’t panic. Quocirca’s Sharon Crawford explains how to decide whether to jump ship to a new vendor or stay the course with your newly merged supplier.

Given the recent abundance of mergers and acquisitions amongst the mid-market ERP vendors, IT directors managing an ERP system may feel uncertain about the future of their incumbent system. Yet it is critical to be able to assure the board the product wont disappear – or at least warn them if its time to switch vendors. Read more…