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Theory H.O.W.: How Organizations could Work

We recently saw a presentation by Howard Cavallaro on the various types of manufacturing companies and how they interact with their supply chain. It was a very good presentation. He now has a new book out called: Theory H.O.W.: How Organizations Could Work that we thought you should know about. The publisher’s description is as […]

SAP vs. Oracle

Here is an interesting comparison between the two leaders in the ERP space, SAP vs. Oracle. This is a hotly contested debate between the two giants in Enterprise Resource Planning Software. A company that is considering moving to an ERP will likely have one or both competing for their business. They have distinctly different approaches […]

ERP Benefits

In any discussion on implementing an ERP system, the question “What are the benefits of an ERP System?” appears early in most selection cycles. We have had to look up these benefits on more than one occasion, so we thought we would document them here for you. A good reference on calculating the benefits and […]

ERP Software Vendors

This is a more general article, but it has some interesting history on a few ERP packages. Trivia time… Do you know what QAD stands for? ERP Software Vendors Jennifer Bailey Enterprise resource planning systems are management information systems that integrate and automate business practices associated with the operations, production and distribution aspects of a […]

ERP Books

ERPandMore is pleased to announce the opening of our new ERP Bookstore. Containing the latest books on Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Lifecycle Management, and Process Improvement topics, this new bookstore is your resource to finding the information you need to successfully navigate a project. You can find this new bookstore off […]

The Future of ERP

The Future of ERP November 15, 2006 By James Maguire The dream of enterprise resource planning systems is that a single application can track and monitor all of a business’s functions. In a perfect world, a manager opens a single ERP app to find data about any aspect of the business, from financials to HR […]

What is your ERP interface?

Being techno-enthusiasts, how ERP vendors are pushing the envelope to develop new and easier ways for people to process their business data has fascinated us. But we often forget the end-user, who simply has to work with an ERP Software tool day-in and day-out. Recently we participated in a series of demonstrations that included SAP […]

An ERP who owns who

If you have been around even a short time in the ERP software business as either a user or a provider, you are sure to know of the latest acquisitions. The big ones of course are all the companies Infor bought as well as the Oracle mega mergers of PeopleSoft/JDE. Here is a website dedicated […]

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