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2007 – Spending on Manufacturing Software to Rise Strongly

According to the Institute for Supply Management: Spending by manufacturing companies on technology — particularly ERP and manufacturing software and integration tools — is poised to accelerate through 2007, stimulated by business issues such as globalization and the need for operational efficiency, according to three recently released reports. This is good news. Especially for the […]

ERP Software as GDP Indicator for China

ERP Software as GDP Indicator for China By Frank Mulligan, Talent Software The rollout of international level enterprise software in China has, over the past 10 years, tended to follow a definite pattern. The first phase began in the early 90’s and only saw large scale systems such as SAP and Oracle. These systems were […]

Your One Stop Guide To Manufacturing Accounting Software

A good number of ERP software implementations are focused around manufacturing. Although Manufacturing ERP is one of the more complex implementations, a company stands to have significant ROI gains due to improved management of inventory and work-in-process. The following article touches on some of the points to consider when implementing for a manufacturing firm. It […]

Lists of ERP Vendors

We have put together a list of vendors and their software at  It is not exhaustive, but it is a good start. We will update the list as time goes on. Also, we have listings of various ERP Vendors within each of our ERP Buyers Guides. Another interesting resource is A comprehensive review of […]

ERP Ecosystems

As a follow up to the previous post, here is an interesting article regarding how ERP applications are now becoming ERP Ecosystems. Turning the application into the platform… ERP Ecosystems ‘ERP ecosystems allow customers to get the best of both worlds, because best-of-breed applications are increasingly certified for one or several ERP platforms. These emerging […]

ERP Outlook by Microsoft

In reading this article on MS and ERP, the question came up “Is Microsoft really going after the smaller companies with their Dynamics ERP offerings?” So far all of the indications are that they are targeting SAP and Oracle as their competition. Is this a little arrogant of Microsoft, trying to compete against the established […]

MySQL disclaims interest in the ERP market

In the ERP world, there are three database platforms that ERP software companies focus around: Oracle, MS SQL, and Progress. The up and coming database in the Open Source world is MySQL. According the the linked article, Marten Mickos, CEO of MySQL has spoken up about his database and ERP, essentially saying that SAP will […]

Search your Oracle E-Business Suite data using Google

ERP and web search combined? What a powerful combination. Imagine being able to google data right from your ERP software! The possibilities of its applications are mind boggling. Google is the number one search engine for all things web. Now they are moving into book searches and as this article indicates it will soon be […]

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